One Direction Is Probably Going To Break Up In 2016

The fans aren't taking it well. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

First, Zayn split, breaking hearts everywhere. Then there was all that Twitter drama with Naughty Boy, and now Louis is apparently having a baby. The One Direction fandom has endured a crazy six months, and with rumors that the band may be heading towards a breakup, things aren't about to calm down in their corner of the Internet any time soon.

In a break from tradition, the boys will not tour following the release of their fifth album, due out later this year. According to People Magazine, the band will instead be taking at least a year off to work on solo projects, starting in March.

If true, this will be the first time the boys have taken any type of hiatus since they first came together in 2010. The news comes just days after the band surprised fans with the release of the "Drag Me Down" music video.

Naturally, reactions from directioners ran the gamut.

First, came confusion.

Then, denial.

Some took the positive route.

And of course, sadness.

And finally, Ryan Reynolds had something to say.

There's been no word yet from ID's camp, so only time will tell if Reynolds will need to get that tattoo removed after all.

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