One Direction Launches New Video, Proves Zayn Malik Nonessential

The video for "Drag Me Down" was shot with NASA's help. Fans think it's a giant leap for mankind. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

One Direction has surprised fans again by dropping the video for their latest single, "Drag Me Down," without any advance warning. The video was released Thursday night, when Liam tweeted that it was shot with NASA's help at the Johnson Space Center. In the video, the boys play with robots, walk in slow motion while wearing the iconic orange space suits from Armageddon, and do lots of other astronaut-y things to prepare for their mission into space. 

 "Drag Me Down" is the band's first video since Zayn Malik left the group in what feels like a lifetime ago. Since then, critics have been debating how Zayn's departure would affect the group, some even predicting that their star would have no choice but to fade.

1D proved the haters wrong when they dropped "Drag Me Down," the first single from their upcoming fifth album, on July 31. The song broke a number of records within hours of its surprise release: debuting in the number three spot on the Billboard Hot 100, it became the highest debut of the year. With 4.75 million global streams, "Drag Me Down" also broke the record on Spotify for most streamed track in one day.

So, is this their best video to date? Is the lack of Zayn noticeable? Watch the "Drag Me Down" video below.

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