Over-The-Counter Birth Control May Be A Real Thing Soon

One step forward.

By Jazzi Johnson

With all of the drama surrounding women's rights in America right now, this is a surprising, welcome news.

A company named HRA Pharma is reportedly partnering with healthcare giant Ibis Reproductive Health to create a birth control pill that is both safe and widely accessible, according to Vox.

Believe it or not, the motion is expected to be largely successful. In the recent past, not only has Congress agreed that birth control pills shouldn't have to be prescribed but various doctor boards have backed the claim as well. While the contraception is mostly used for halting reproduction, it's also widely known to manage severe PMS disorders and limit acne.

So what took so long? Apparently, no drug company has been patient enough to go through the long process of getting the product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That is, until now.

With Planned Parenthood's livelihood being threatened nationwide and doctors now being able to deny their services to women who have had abortions, there is no better time for this invention.

Vox did stress that this product may take a few years to actually hit the market once approved, but later is better than never, am I right? 

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