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P. Diddy And Cassie Got Into A Breakup Argument So Bad Someone Called The Cops

Things got rough between the couple.

Breakups are pretty much always ugly, and celebs aren't exempt.

Longtime couple Diddy and Cassie called it quits recently, and TMZ reports that the breakup got kind of ugly. Here's how it allegedly went down: on Wednesday afternoon, Diddy and Cassie got into an argument in her car after she told him she wanted to break up. Diddy allegedly got pissed, and was so suspicious that he grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it.

Diddy then jumped out of the car - keeping her phone - and Cassie drove off with their driver. Diddy later returned home and gave Cassie her phone back, but then took two of the cars parked outside. #RichPeopleBreakups, right?

Anyway, Cassie's mom was there witnessing the whole thing, so she called the cops. When they arrived, she explained that Cassie already got her phone back, and even though no crime was committed, the cops still filled out a domestic incident report.

Phone stealing and police reports? Well, that's celeb breakups for you.

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