Paris Hilton And Controversial Artist Ai WeiWei Are BFF

The two took selfies together at Le Bon Marché in Paris (of course).

By Eric Shorey

If it seems like radical anti-surveillance politics and ultra-capitalist entrepreneurship are at odds it's probably because they are, but that hasn't stopped controversial artist Ai WeiWei and Paris Hilton from becoming BFF.

Ai WeiWei, of course, is an art world legend and iconoclast. His numerous outspoken statements against the Chinese government's plethora of human rights violations ultimately and abhorrently led to him to become a political prisoner. Paris Hilton, of course, is a celebutante, unintentional porn star, and reality icon turned fashionable EDM poster child. There is no reason in the world why one should really care about the other, but hey, they do, and it's great!

The two besties were taking selfies in front of WeiWei's newest show, titled "Child's Play," installed at the department store Le Bon Marché in Paris. The work is inspired by ancient Chinese children's tales called "Classic of Mountains and Seas," which have been censored in recent years by the People's Republic of China. Who knows if this meeting was serendipitous or a pre-planned photo-op? Does it even matter? Here's some video from the encounter:

It's a shame you can't hear what they're talking about in those videos. What do you think it was? Probably the new Kanye track, right?

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