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Paris Hilton Bought An $8,000 Dog

She can afford it, and its replacement.

Hey, Paris Hilton got a new puppy on Monday, and damn, it’s cute:


The ityy bitty canine is named Diamond Baby, and it already has a thousand followers on Instagram. But does anyone else find Paris Hilton’s tiny dog acquisition creepy? According to TMZ, she has bought four dogs in the last four years. What is going on with them? Are they okay? At least two others were killed by “coyotes” in 2008 (??), and Gawker reported that around the same time, gossip was circulating that Paris has a tendency to ignore the dog’s training needs and they end up dead. Hopefully, she has matured in the past few years and can at least hire someone to care for her pets appropriately.

Oh, money is no object, since her most recent teacup chihuahua acquisition cost $8,000. She also bought a Pomeranian in 2015 for $13,00, and two other chihuahuas two years ago that cost $25,000, all together.


Be safe, little dogs. You are both expensive and innocent in all this.

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