Paris Hilton Is Better At Making Money Than Donald Trump

Who runs the world? Paris.

By Eric Shorey

A dried out birthday party balloon named Donald Trump has made much of his ability to generate profit during his campaign for the Republican nomination. But how does he compare to other scions of capitalism? Apparently not so well.

A question answered on Quora breaks down Trump's lack of business acumen and compares his skills to none other than heiress Paris Hilton:

"Paris Hilton only inherited $5 million, yet created a business empire valued around $1 billion by age 30. Trump inherited over $200 million, and in decades of effort hasn't even outperformed an index mutual fund ... [N]ot only would I say Trump isn't a business genius, but Trump isn't even close to being the best business minded reality television star. He is thoroughly trumped by a very successful woman dismissed by many as 'vapid,' 'naive,' 'stupid' and far worse insults."

While Trump continues to politic off of his good name, Hilton is busy counting her coins, especially after the debut of her successful Paper Mag spread, in which she posed in a backless Hood by Air flightsuit.

Hilton's most recent invention / ingenius product investment is a selfie light which helps aspiring reality stars and upcoming It Girls take pictures in the dark.

"If you're in the dark or you're at a club so often your camera just won't focus on your face, or you have no control over the angle," explained Paris. "So I would find myself always buying external lights at photo equipment places. So I thought, 'This is silly. Why not put the lights directly on your phone case, surrounding your phone, almost like a vanity light?' Because really it's all about lighting. And finding your angles and practicing."
h/t: ONTD

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