Paris Jackson Has Reportedly Broken Up With Her Pizza Delivery Guy Boyfriend

But is there more to the story?

By Aimée Lutkin

Paris Jackson has been becoming more of a public figure lately. She’s spoken openly about her father Michael Jackson’s death, including some pretty wild accusations that he was actually murdered. She also defended his memory when he was set to be portrayed by a white man in a TV show, leading to the episode’s cancellation. This all seems part of her plan to enter the world of modeling, like the Instagram famous Bella Hadid or even a family connections fashion figure like Kendall Jenner.

Another big change that’s been rumored is Paris’s breakup with her beau (and perhaps secret husband who delivers pizza) Michael Snoddy. US Magazine reports that sources close to Paris have said the two split after slightly less than a year together. “It appears that Paris and Michael have parted ways for now, but their future is uncertain,” the source said. “She is doing well, enjoying being on set with Lee Daniels and focusing her energy on the opportunities ahead.”

Cool to have someone leak info about your personal life that also subtly promotes your current project.


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It’s probably pretty hard to date in a the spotlight and the light is turning up brighter on Paris Jackson. The helpful source added that it may not be a permanent separation, saying, “It might just be a temporary fix until she finds her way back to Michael again.”

True or false - I just need to know more about this guy. He seems...interesting.
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