Paris Jackson Says She Was Michael Jackson's Favorite Child


By Aimée Lutkin

Paris Jackson has recently transitioned from being a celebrity’s kid who is semi-reclusive, to starting a career as a model. With that change has come a lot of interviews, and honestly, we've gotten to know a lot about her family very quickly. Paris knows how to raise eyebrows and it’s been pretty wild to see her tear through the media with accusations about her father being murdered, and watching people react to saying she considers herself black.

Her brother, Prince Michael Jackson, has also recently emerged into the spotlight in order to promote his charities for homeless and abused kids in Los Angeles. Compared to Paris, Prince Michael is extremely reserved. But maybe Paris is feeling the competition.

In a recent interview for the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Paris makes some sweeping generalizations about her family dynamics.

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"I wasn't around a lot of other girls. When I was a kid, I was with my dad and my two brothers," Paris says. "Growing up, I was treated as the favorite because I was the only girl. I was the princess; I was perfect in my dad's eyes."

Okay! Gonna be a bit awkward next time there’s a family reunion. Paris says she didn’t really have any social skills because her upbringing kept her separated from other kids.

“I had to force myself to learn so fast. For the past six years, I've been learning how to communicate,” she says, adding, "I think I've gotten pretty good at it."

Sure, it’s good for us-- and overall, despite the intense adjustment-- probably good for Paris though a rude awakening.

"Once I got introduced into the real world, I was shocked. It blew me away," she says. "Not just because it was sexist, but misogynist and racist and cruel. It was scary as hell. And it still is really scary."

That’s certainly true.

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