People Are Angry With Nick Jonas' Casting Call Looking For A Specific Kind of White Woman

Could he be more specific?

By Aimée Lutkin

Nick Jonas is touring this summer, and touring means lots of flash, effects, and huge video projections. What will these huge video projections be of? If the casting call is any indication, we'll see lots of white women writhing around. But tastefully. It's all going to be very tastefully racist. 

Director Audrey Alford shared a casting call for the concert vids she received via a screenshot:

It reads, "18-23 year old female models, mainly Caucasian or could have a bit of an ethnic flair, like Indian or South American. Ideal prototype is Emily Ratajkowski! We’re looking for girls that are that “Emily” type, super sexy, sensual, and GORGEOUS in a classic way and still a touch relatable. The kind of girls Nick Jonas would have a huge crush on, i.e., must be a knockout and have an incredible body. ... There will be some very VERY tasteful "suggested" nudity...but no visible private areas/parts will ever be shown/revealed. So, just suggestive and extremely elegant and tasteful. ALSO, as this is not a print job, but set to Nick's music, these models must be able to MOVE SENSUALLY and in a flirtatious way..."

People are naturally upset, and not only with the horrible, unprofessional writing of the casting call. You see, Jonas has lots of fans who wouldn't fit the description provided:

Alford writes that Nick Jonas may have nothing to do with how this casting call is worded, but "artists need to be aware of how they are represented."

Meanwhile, no one on the Jonas team is happy with Alford for sharing their interest in white ladies with ethnic flair:


I guess someone is aware.

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