People Are Making Jell-O In Milk Jugs And It's Super Disgusting. Let's Watch!

How can something that looks so nasty be so mesmerizing?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The Internet has gotten obsessed with some pretty weird things over the years. The Harlem Shake. Planking. ASMR. And remember when filling condoms with water and dropping them on your head was a thing? Yikes.

Still, freezing Jell-O in milk jugs, cutting it into slices, and filming the entire thing for Youtube? That's a new one.

Youtuber Karina Garcia is responsible for the latest viral trend taking the internet by storm. Her "DIY Giant Milk Jelly Gummy Jug" has over 3 million views. Apparently, making homemade gummies by filling things with gelatin is apparently a thing lots of people are really into.

If eating Jell-O that looks like frozen milk is too much for you, you could always try making rainbow Jell-O in a Coke bottle  or a (shudder) Jell-O pudding frappuccino.

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