People Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

Would you name your baby Lux? What about Valencia?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Inspiration for baby names is all around us. Literature. Flowers. Instagram filters?
It may sound like a fake headline created for the express purpose of showing how modern and edgy millennials are, but it's actually true: people are seriously naming their offspring after Instagram filters. New statistics from show that names borrowed from everyone's favorite photo-sharing app are growing in popularity from last year. Compared to 2014, Lux rose 75% on the list of baby boy names, while Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson, and Kelvin also grew in popularity. Juno, Valencia, and Willow are among the most popular Instagram-inspired baby girl names.
Pop culture has been inspiring baby names across the board this year, with names from Fox's primetime hit Empire rising in popularity. The name Royalty for girls also rose in popularity 88%; you can thank Chris Brown for that one.
BabyCenter's findings should be taken with a grain of salt, though. The popular baby name resource collected its data by gathering the names of 340,000 babies born this year to the mothers registered on the website, so it's not exactly exhaustive. The Social Security Administration will release its official list in May of next year.
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