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People Are Petitioning To Kick R. Kelly Off This All-Star Soulquarius Tour

Hundreds of concertgoers are not feeling the R&B crooner for this iconic night.

The 2017 Soulquarius lineup looks incredible with acts like Erykah Badu, DMX, and Brandy to name (literally) a few. One artist that may not make it to the February 18th jam is R. Kelly. Fans have circulated an online petition to ban the singer because of his long history of sexual abuse allegations.

The petition by Jamie Thompson refers to Kelly as a "rapist" and cites his marriage to a then-underage Aaliyah. "It's this sort of nonchalance and casual embrace of abusers that rests at the fulcrum of rape culture, violence against women, and in this case, misogynoir," it states. "2017 is around the corner and many of us still have to look on in disgust as a proven predator, rapist, and serial abuser of young Black girls and women remains embraced in the world of music."

So far, the petition has 881 supporters.

Aside from his marriage to a teenage Aaliyah, R. Kelly has a long list of sexual abuse allegations. In 2013, Jim DeRogatis, of the Chicago Sun-Times claimed that he had interviewed close to two dozen women who claimed the R&B star sexually abused them.

Read a full list of allegations here.

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