People Honestly Believe Avril Lavigne Is Dead And An Impersonator Has Taken Over

You heard Avril and her husband are getting a divorce, right? Wrong. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Avril Lavigne died 13 years ago. What do you mean, you just read that she and husband Chad Kroeger are getting a divorceWell, you've been lied to. The Avril you know and love for blessing us with such karaoke classics as "Sk8er Boi" and "Complicated" isn't really Avril at all.

At least, that's what the aptly-named Brazilian website "Avril is Dead" would have us believe. You'll have a hard time making sense of it if you don't know Portuguese (and honestly, I'm willing to bet it'd be hard to understand even if you did). Luckily, Noisey delved headfirst into the Avril conspiracy and uncovered the truth for fans everywhere.

So here's the gist of it: the one true Avril Lavigne kicked the bucket not long after Let Go, her debut album, was released. The death of her beloved grandfather, combined with the pressures of becoming mall-punk royalty, was just too much for her. For whatever reason, her friends, family, and management decided to keep the singer's death under wraps, and instead replace her with a lookalike by the name of Melissa Vandella. Because why else would the name Melissa be written on her hand during this photoshoot, except as a sly wink to the truth?

The real proof, though - as if you needed any more -  is all in the pictures. The photos below are intended to highlight the differences between the real Avril and her doppleganger, Melissa. Because it's not like random blemishes fade away over the course of a decade.

The ultimate proof, however, comes in video form. In the clip below, Melissa is questioned about not being the real Avril, and her face gives everything away. Of course, she could just be feeling awkward because there's a website devoted to proving that she secretly died 13 years ago, but let's just go with the clone thing.


We're on to you, Melissa.

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