Piers Morgan Called Muhammed Ali "Racist" Right After He Died


By Eric Shorey

Muhammed Ali, a beloved national hero, passed away this weekend. While most of the country mourned yet another heartbreaking celebrity loss in 2016, some were quick to take an aggressive stance against the athlete almost immediately. Take, for example, out-of-touch old white man Piers Morgan, who sent out this horrific tweet shortly following the announcement of Ali's death:

Alright everyone. Take a deep breath.


It's no secret that Piers Morgan is trash and his long list of feuds with various public figures is a testament to that. Many celebrities are now quickly distancing themselves from the political pundit. Others called attention to the way Morgan routinely makes inflammatory racial comments to further his career:

Morgan later appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend his comments. He was promptly taken down by a much better thinker, Miranda Brawn:

But hey, we live in America. Everyone is allowed to have horrible opinions.

That being said: if you have horrible opinions about a recently deceased legend, maybe just keep them to yourself.

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