Piers Morgan Tried To Drag Beyoncé's Grammys Performance For Attention

When you drag Bey, you drag yourself.

By Aimée Lutkin

Piers Morgan isn’t tired of getting owned on live TV and by the queen of Twitter, J.K. Rowling, just yet. Morgan is getting more attention for being a Trump-loving troll than he ever did as just a boring talk show host. As a man who thrives on negative attention he knew just what to do when he tuned into the Grammys: come for Beyoncé.

If you missed it, beyoncé gave an exalted, hallucinatory, life-changing performance with her twin-baby bump proudly displayed. Fans, and other celebrties who are also fans, lost their minds:

Piers Morgan rubbed his hands together in his dank cave that I imagine smells like old Axe spray and bagel bite farts, and got to tweeting. In a series, he wrote, “Didn't really 'feel' that Beyonce performance. Seemed heavier on the narcissism than the music. Awful acceptance speech too. Looked bored as hell reading it. Come on Beyonce, you're better than this.”

Then, when people naturally objected,  he wrote, “Twitter lemmings now exploding with fury that I expressed an opinion about Beyonce's performance they all secretly agree with…”

Then he had the audacity to post a photo of himself with Beyoncé, captioning it, “This may well have been Beyonce's career high, now I think about it....”

It’s hard to believe that Morgan believes his own bulls**t, but like most trolls, he probably does it for the thrill. It’s great that Beyoncé’s fans are still defending her, but he really isn’t even worth it. She is not thinking about him, and neither should any of us.

[Photo: Twitter]

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