Strong Is The New Pretty

Poll: Are These Skimpy Football Uniforms Sexist Or Empowering?

They might play in bikinis, but they play real football.

Since Oxygen debuted its new show Pretty. Strong., there's been a lot of debate about the Legends Football League's uniforms. Some say they are degrading while others find them empowering. Even the mainstream media is split on the issue.

Refinery29 took the opposite stance: "Yes, they play in minimal clothing, but the players talk about how they work hard on their bodies and want to show off what they've created. They're taking ownership of their physical selves in a way that, say, cheerleaders who must pose for an NFL team's calendar cannot."

But whatever other people are saying about the uniforms, the players seem to like them. “I honestly don’t think I would play if we were all covered up,” says Chicago Bliss player ChrisDell Harris in the video above. “I love the fact that it’s sexy.” And Bliss wide receiver/safety Alli Alberts agrees below:

Join the debate! What do you think about the women of Pretty. Strong. rocking these uniforms? Check out the photos and vote in the poll below!

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