Powerful Video Shows Male Employees Reading Some Of Their Female Coworkers

One advertising agency just made a major push for equality in the workplace.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Being a woman in the workplace is no easy thing. No matter how great we are at our jobs, our gender affects how we're viewed and treated by others at work. It may be as seemingly harmless as being mistaken for an assistant when you aren't one, or sexism can be seen in more obvious forms like sexual harassment and misogynistic comments.

In honor of International Women's Day, advertising agency TBWA enlisted male employees to sit in front of a camera and read the anonymously-submitted thoughts of their female coworkers. The video is a part of their "Take The Lead" gender equality campaign, and the end result is a poignant, 2-minute video that brings to light just how glaringly different men and women are treated in professional settings.

"I was once told to come to a meeting just to look pretty," recites one employee.

While many of the concerns expressed in the video may be foreign to most men, they're pretty familiar statements for a lot of women, even those who aren't in the advertising industry. Check it out for yourself below.

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