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President Obama Set To Announce First National LGBT Monument

 The Stonewall Inn and surrounding area could become the first national LGBT monument in the United States!

President Obama could be making a historic decision soon when he potentially names the Stonewall Inn as the first nationally-recognized monument for LGBT people in the United States. If announced, the monument would consist of The Stonewall Inn as well as the green space and surrounding streets in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in New York City, where the riots of 1969 took place over a period of six days.

 The Stonewall Inn and surrounding areas in the Greenwich Village neighborhood became gathering points in New York City following favorable Supreme Court rulings in both 2014 and 2015. The Washington Postnotes that city officials are still investigating the history of the land title, but Obama could sign off on the decision in conjunction with gay pride month, which is in June. 

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