Prince Hospitalized After Private Jet Emergency Landing

We wish him a speedy recovery.

By Eric Shorey

It's easy to think of Prince as some kind of immortal nymph god -- tiny and lithe and filled with magical sex secrets. But even Prince's mystical allure couldn't keep him out of harm's way-- his private jet was forced into an emergency landing during his travels on tour. Luckily, our charming satyr has already been discharged from the hospital and is on his way to recovery.

It turns out that Prince had been fighting the flu for several weeks, causing him to cancel two performances on April 7th. As his symptoms worsened en route to his next show scheduled in Atlanta, an emergency hospital visit seemed ultimately necessary. Deplaning at the Quad City International Airport, the "Purple Rain" singer convalesced for a few hours until he was stable.

Feel better Prince! We're sorry to hear you're sick, but we're happy that we get to share this gif of you being perfection personified:

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