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Proof That Snapchat King DJ Khaled LOOOOOOVES Flowers

Nobody likes flowers like DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, rightfully nicknamed the King of Snapchat, is actually giving us more keys to success than we think. While his catchphrases are as golden as his smile, there's one thing about him that shouldn't be overlooked: his abject love for flowers.

It's beautiful. And maybe a little pathological.


In an interview with The New York Timeshe delved into his appreciation for the seeded wonder of the world. "I’ve always loved gardening," said Khaled. "It’s cheaper and also better to execute your vision and just go get it yourself and then have somebody put it in for you. If I’m stressed out, I go sit there and just embrace it and play some nice reggae music in the background," he continued. "You should try it one day. I’m addicted to my flowers. Sometimes, I overdo it. My girl is like, 'What are you doing?'"

He even revealed his favorite flower: "When the sun is out, they wake up just smiling, and then when the sun is down, they just go down," Khaled described, having forgotten the name of the sunflower. "That’s why I water them and take care of them, because I’m planting my seeds of success. I show them love. When you show the flowers love, you see the love."

His fans often gift him with flowers upon meeting in person instead of asking for an autograph.

Dude really loves flowers.

I'm taking these lessons from DJ Khaled and am about to up the plants in my life, ASAP! You should, too. Watch the compilation of the best of DJ Khaled's gardening snaps below. Don't play yourself. 

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