Rachel Dolezal Has Rebranded Herself With A Controversial New Name

Oh my...

By Aimée Lutkin

Things aren’t going too good for Rachel Dolezal. After being outed as a white woman who impersonated a black woman for years, Dolezal was swept up in a media frenzy that seemed to indicate she’d get some money out of the whole mess. Nope. The world has been surprisingly unforgiving, considering how often we take people who do terrible sh*t and make them famous. Dolezal said in a recent interview that she lost her job, is on food stamps, and is close to being homeless. You know what that means: rebranding time.

The Daily Mail reports that Dolezal has renamed herself. Her old moniker is pretty notorious, of course, but she also seems to be doing it for semi-spiritual reasons? She filed for a legal name change in Washington State and her new identity is (drum roll please) Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Holy hell. Okay, I believe that everyone has a right to whatever name they want, but Dolezal is in all this trouble for appropriating a culture that doesn’t belong to her and profiting from it. On the other hand, it seems unlikely she’ll profit from this widely reported name change, so whatever.

The Daily Mail says that her new first name is short for Nkechinyere, which means ‘what god has given’ in the Igbo language of the southern delta of Africa. Diallo means bold in Fula, a language and people mostly found in Western Africa. She sure likes to mix it up!

Dolezal still has a book that’s set to release next month. Whether that will lift her out of her current troubles remains to be seen, but she obviously hasn’t decided to change anything about herself, except possibly to dig in deeper.

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