Rachel Dolezal Is Back...With A Documentary

And part of it will be filmed at Howard University?

By Jazzi Johnson

The woman who won't go away is back. Rachel Dolezal -- who rocked our worlds when it was revealed she had been posing as an African-American woman for over a decade -- isn't done with us yet.

Apparently, she has something to say, and she's starting at the HBCU, Howard University. 

Dolezal was seen on the campus of the popular black college by Maya Cade, executive editor of A Tribe Called News. She was seen "shooting a documentary about race and identity in America."

According to Maya's source, the documentary will be directed by a white man. 

And Maya clearly wasn't the only one to spot the controversial professor. The tweet below is proof that news spread like wildfire, from the internet to text messages.

In addition, it seems that whatever filming took place on campus, was not approved. After the tweets began to go viral, the Howard Newsroom confirmed the following:

There has been no word from Dolezal herself about the news, but it seems that she was around for two special occasions. First, her son:

And second, for this event below. 

Through it all, it looks like she's still going strong. I guess, girl...

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