Rachel Maddow Got Emotional Discussing Mike Pence's Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

The reputable news anchor fights back tears while discussing Mike Pence's policies.

A lot of us haven't quite gotten over the shock of last week's election. Among the forlorn is MSNBC correspondent Rachel Maddow, who got visibly emotional while discussing the future vice president's record on LGBTQ issues. Maddow is openly gay, meaning this particular segment must have hit home hard for her.

It's no secret, at this point, that Mike Pence is one of the most vehemently anti-gay politicians working in the American government right now. Along with Trump's cabinet, filled with other anti-LGBTQ extremsists, these straight men will be actively working to take away the rights of queer people in our country.

“Mike Pence is really, really out there on his anti-gay politics," says Maddow sternly after running through a laundry list of Mike Pence's heinous policies, including his proposal to divert funding from combatting the HIV/AIDS crisis towards research on conversion therapy (a widely discredited practice). "He’s at the very edge of the branch, on the very edge of the twig on the end of the branch, on the last leaf on that twig. More so than any statewide official in this country. And that’s who Donald Trump picked to be his running mate.”

Hard not to get teary over how all the progress made in the past 8 years could rather quickly be entirely undone.

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