Racist Hackers Take Over Leslie Jones' Website, Reveal Nudes And Personal Info

This has to stop!

By Jazzi Johnson

Just a week after Leslie Jones won for best Olympic coverage and spearheaded the love campaign for Gabby Douglas due to cyberbullying—it seems we need to do the same for her, again.

In what is evidently a cyber attack against the Ghostbusters star, the NY Daily News is reporting that Jones' website and personal information was hacked. The hacker filled the Saturday Night Live comedienne's website with nude images of herself as well as photos of Harambe - the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo this summer - at the header of the page.

To add insult to injury, the filthy racist also proved to have a hold of her secured personal information, posting images of her state driver's license and passport. 

While this isn't the first time Leslie is witnessing the horrors of cyberbullying, this most certainly is the most vile.

Just last month, Jones revealed that she was being unfairly targeted for her role in the female reboot of the movie Ghostbusters—something that she could barely celebrate when designers refused to dress her for the premiere. 

After admittedly being brokenhearted over the racism and sexism she faced, she disavowed her dedication to Twitter and dipped. She came back, however, after the internet rallied for her behind the #Love4LeslieJ hashtag. Twitter put a lifetime ban on her main troll and that was that, so we thought.

She later rallied the same love for Gabby Douglas after the gymnast received unfair ridicule throughout her time in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. She even started the hashtag #Love4GabbyUSA. Now, it seems she can't catch a break.

I have no idea what she possibly could have done to agitate such disrespect from a stranger, but nothing warrants this despicable breach of privacy. I hope she takes this f*ck to court and has it serve as a lesson to all other trolls in the future. 

Leave Leslie Jones alone! *in my Chris Crocker voice*

[Photo: Getty Images]


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