Racist Trolls Bully Plus-Sized African Model For Representing Ireland

She set them straight, quick and in a hurry.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Can't we all just get along? When model Michelle Marie took over the Twitter account of Ireland, where she lives, Internet trolls went insane.

Marie is a plus-sized model of African decent and racist bullies found it unacceptable that she would also represent Ireland. According to CNN, the model identifies as half Guyanese, one-quarter Jamaican, and one-quarter "white British." Trolls claimed that she was not allowed to represent the country of Ireland and hurled offensive slurs and statements her way.

User @genophilia, for instance, said it was "insulting" to have Marie represent Ireland and tweeted, "return to your ancestral lands." The user's account- and other users who bullied the model- have been suspended by Twitter.

Michelle chose to take the high road. "Black people can live in any country they like. We can read and write. We are educated. We can work. We can even tweet. I know, shocking," she tweeted. "The colour of my skin tells you nothing other than the colour of my skin."

Pretty obvious to us.

[Photo: Instagram]


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