Racists Are Boycotting The Mall Of America Because They Hired A Black Santa

They're big mad.

People lose their sh*t over ridiculous Holiday buffoonery every year, but December 2016 (like all things in 2016) is extra. After hiring their first black mall Santa in 24 years, racists without better things to do in their lives, are organizing boycotts of The Mall of America. They are also claiming that the hiring decision is an example of "reverse racism" which we all know is not a thing.

Shortly after reports about the non-white Santa began circulating, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune had to close their comments section over inflammatory posts being made about the very sweet man who took the Holiday job.

Here's a small sample of what the comments section looked like before it was shut down (via Bossip):

Raw Story even managed to save a whole collection of hideous statements made about the Santa situation. Similarly, hashtags like #whitesantasmatter and #boycottmallofamerica have sprung up on social media since the story went viral.

Mall of America has not released any official response to the backlash.

Can everyone just go and quietly celebrate the holidays with their friends and families and STFU for one damn minute?

[Photo: Screenshot from YouTube]

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