Rapper Mykki Blanco Wonders If Queer Artists Can Ever Be As Famous As Justin Bieber

"Is the industry still gonna keep queer artists under this glass ceiling?"

By Eric Shorey

Rapper, poet, performance artist, and LGBTQ (s)hero Mykki Blanco dropped her first full-length album, titled Mykki, just this month after years of underground performances and intermittently released singles and EPs. Blanco has always been an outspoken advocate for queer people worldwide and has previously voiced her opinion about the rampant racism within LGBTQ culture and the unfortunate whiteness of LGBTQ media.

Now, in an interview with Gay Times, Mykki is tackling music industry homophobia head on: “I don’t care what anyone says, I’m in the industry and I know how homophobic the industry is,” she boldly states.

“[Queer artists are] having this moment,” she continued. “I still wonder if the industry is going to give them a glass ceiling, you know?"

"I think Troye Sivan is so f*cking talented, but is the industry gonna let him be as big as a Bieber? As big as a Zayn Malik? Because he definitely deserves to. He definitely has the makings of that, but is the industry still gonna keep queer artists under this glass ceiling?"

Blanco's new album is, quite simply, both an avant-garde and easily accessible masterpiece. Incredibly thoughtful, heartbreaking, and artfully composed, the tracks vary from angst-riddled and melancholic to rhaposdic and party-ready. The first single from the album, "High School Never Ends," was released as a gorgeously tragic short film by The FADER:

You can stream Mykki in full via Spotify, below:

You can read the full Gay Times interview over here

[Photo: Screenshot via Spotify]

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