Ray J Is Calling Kanye A Hypocrite Over "I Hit It First" Reaction

Ray J is thinking about the past while watching Kanye's "Famous," and something ain't adding up.

By Eric Shorey

Kanye West and Ray J are everyone's favorite on-again-off-again frenemies. With Kanye's uncontrolled VMA rant in mind, the two are back at it once again, this time beefing over comments made about the sex tape that made Kim Kardashian famous.

See: Kanye was pretty hot about a track that Ray J released in 2013, which discussed Ray's previous on-camera relationship with Kanye's current boo:

But Kanye didn't seem to be as angry about the sex tape scandal when he sang about it on Life of Pablo or when he brought it up this past Sunday during MTV's grandiose ceremonies:

Ray J is now reportedly upset at Kanye for using his likeness in the controversial video for "Famous" and for his duplicitous interpretations of the past. According to TMZ: Ray J "feels Kanye is two-faced for turning his nose up at the tape but then embracing it to make a buck."

I'm just over here hoping the two sing about this situation forever. Every track about this sex tape is pure fire.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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