Read This Adorable Apology Note 19-Year-Old Drake Wrote To His Mother

Drake: charming the Internet for over a decade.

By Eric Shorey

Quick! Think of the most charismatic people on the planet. Who comes to mind? The Rock? Yes, definitely. President Obama? For sure! Drake?! YES, BIG TIME. Now, the last member of that trio is continuing to charm the Internet with a new Instagram post that proves he's been absolutely delightful for at least a decade.

Drizzy must have been going through some old boxes or something when he discovered this carefully penned letter he wrote to his mother in 2006, in which he apologizes for his overspending on ebay:


Here's something fun to fantasize about: what do you think Drake was even buying back then? It was surely something adorable: vintage streetwear, rare flowers, some kind of custom made instrument, maybe an esoteric romance novel? Who knows! It was assuredly very sweet, though.

Anyway, Drake is the best, as per usual. You may now go about your day.


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