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Real-Life Hero Jamie Foxx Pulled A Man Out Of A Burning Car

Jamie says he's not a hero, but we beg to differ. 

Two days ago, Jamie Foxx saved someone's life. 32-year-old Brett Kyle was driving his pickup truck on Monday night when he crashed into a drainage ditch; the car flipped over multiple times before bursting into flames. The ditch happened to be near Foxx's Hidden Valley home, and when the actor heard the screaming and saw what was happening, he called 911 before rushing to the scene and dragging the man out of the burning vehicle. When the paramedics arrived a few minutes later, Kyle was taken to the hospital with major head, neck, and chest trauma, and was later arrested for driving under the influence.

"I'm not a hero," Foxx told reporters the following day, "but I had to do something."

Jamie later had an emotional meeting with the father of the man whose life he saved and shared this sweet photo on Instagram with the caption, "Met the father of the young man from last night today. This is all that matters. That a man, a son, a brother's life was spared last night. God had his arms wrapped around all of us...No heroes...Just happy fathers."

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