Remember When Kanye West Assaulted Paparazzi? Now He Wants His Record Expunged

Will the judge grant his request?

By Eric Shorey

Dystopian capitalist artworld messiah Kanye West has officially asked a judge to expunge his criminal record specifically pertaining to a 2013 incident with a paparazzi. West was originally sentenced to 250 hours of community service and 24 months probation after the encounter, both of which have been completed. Will Yeezy's record be cleaned?

This all started almost three years ago when, after being accosted outside an airport, West's tolerance for mouthy paps ran out. This altercation was one of many of West's clap backs against overly aggressive photogs:

According to TMZ, Kanye completed his assigned civic responsibilities by putting in "way more than the required number of community service hours at L.A. Trade Tech's fashion school."

West's tolerance for the press has since grown. TMZ has even caught Ye breaking up fights between dueling camermen:

Although it wouldn't be too surprising to see a judge attempt to make an example of the artist, it is fully expected (if not almost guarenteed) that Ye's request will be granted. But, the Internet probably won't forget anytime soon. 

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