Remy Ma Lashes Out At Nicki Minaj Fans For Trying To Get Her Arrested

Petty meets petty, or are Nicki's fans taking it too far?

By Aimée Lutkin

Nicki Minaj seems to be refusing to respond to Remy Ma’s attacks. She’s in Paris, showing off a single boob, while Remy releases diss track after diss track and exposes her "old" butt online. Hard to know who to feel the most embarrassed for, but BET reports that Remy Ma is complaining about getting attacked by Minaj’s fans, so that’s pretty bad.

In a video, Remy says that people have been calling her probation officer and have attempted to get her sued by Mattel for her Barbie dismantling “Shether” cover art. “N---as was saying like, ‘Oh, call her P.O., oh you’re getting sued,’” Remy says. “I can’t f*ck with n---as that think calling police, or the P.O., or suing somebody is gangster. Y’all n---as is f*cking lames.”

She goes on to say that she would NEVER call the police on anybody. “That’s not funny to me. I’d would never sue nobody. I’d f*ck you up before I’d do that to you.

“But this is the world we live in,” she added.

What Remy Ma wants is to go toe-to-toe with Nicki Minaj and Minaj won’t meet her in the ring. It seems like she can’t handle the fallout of her attack, which is a social media backlash. Calling the police on someone because they insulted someone you like is absolutely wrong, but Remy Ma can’t act like posting someone’s private sexy photos is noble without expecting Minaj’s fans to push back.

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