Remy Ma Weighs In On Meek Mill's Prison Sentence (Video)

"They set it up so that you go back."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Will Remy Ma be joining the effort to #FreeMeek?

After Meek Mill was sentenced on Monday to two to four years in prison over parole violations, celebs like T.I. and Jay Z have spoken out in support of the Philly rapper. Jay in particular called it "unjust and heavy-handed," and it seems like Remy feels the same way.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club this week, Remy shared her two cents on the subject, BET reports. Out of all the celebs who have commented thus far, Remy especially knows a thing or two about what Meek is facing; she was released from prison herself back in 2014, after serving six years behind bars for shooting a former associate over money.

As Remy explained it, the criminal justice system is majorly flawed.

"Take me for instance, I did all the years that I did. But after you got out, I still have five years — not parole, no. If I was on parole, I would've been off a year, two years ago because it only goes as long as your sentence," she said. "What they're doing now, they put this post-release provision on top of it where, for three years or five years or however many years afterward, you can't do nothing. I literally have a curfew still. I have a curfew of 12:30 every day until 2019 and I got out of prison in 2014."

"They set it up so that you go back, and it's sad when you're a celebrity, it's even worse because people are paying attention," she continued. "It's hard sometimes when you're trying to be good, and you're trying to do the right thing. It's like no matter what you do, you never finish paying your debt to society."

Remy went on to joke about her and Meek's former beef.

"I feel bad that he has to do all that time," she joked. "But, [Meek] probably should have been nicer to me when he was up here talking about what he told me and what he didn't tell me."

Check it out below.

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