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Rick Ross Says Kanye West's Meltdown Was A Publicity Stunt

"He played y'all."

Following Kanye West's unexpected breakdown, many celebs came out in support of the troubled rapper, but it looks like not everyone in the music industry actually even believes what Kanye is going through is even real.

BET reports that during an appearance in NYC yesterday, rapper Rick Ross took to the stage and gave his two cents on the Kanye situation.

"One time for Yeezy," he said to the crowd. "My homie's a genius. And for everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y'all n**gas."

But in Kanye's defense, it's not like he's really hurtin' for headlines. The guy can easily get the media's attention whenever he wants, and if that was his end game, he could have gone his usual route of ranting on-stage instead of, you know, actual hospitalization that led to him not even being able to spend Thanksgiving with his family. That doesn't sound fake to me, but if it is all an act, then that's some serious dedication.

Do you agree with Ross on this one? Check out video of his comments below.

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