Rihanna Allegedly Thinks Kim Kardashian Is 'Dull And Tacky'

Rihanna doesn't like kids or talkative moms.

By Aimée Lutkin

All the news about Kim Kardashian these days is centered around her scary robbery situation and all horrible attention she's getting from nonbelievers and press. It’s even rumored that the Kim we all know and love will be toning down her extravagant displays of wealth, which is just a damn shame. That’s why the Kardashians are fun in the first place.

Let’s throwback to pre-robbery Kim, and to an item published by the Star Magazine just before that news broke. It would probably have gotten more attention without the “robbed at gunpoint” headline that followed. According to Star via Celebitchy, Rihanna just cannot stand Kim. Kanye West has been working with Drake in the studio, so you know Rihanna is around. Because they’re dating. Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, a source claims that Rihanna thinks Kim is the worst, saying, “Rihanna barely deigns to speak to Kim. Rihanna think she’s tacky and dull and never shuts up about her kids.”

This could start a war, not only between celebrities, but between moms and free-wheeling ladies who think globe-trotting with Drake sounds a helluva lot better than changing diapers. It’s the perfect bit of gossip, especially with the addendum that Kanye is trying to mend fences: “He says all she and Rihanna need is more time together, but that is the last thing Rihanna wants – she’s asked Kanye to leave Kim at home.”

He probably won’t be leaving Kim at home for awhile, but I bet Rihanna will be more understanding about that now.

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