Rihanna And Drake Dropped First Track Off 'ANTI'...Could Album Be Released This Week?

Could it be? 

By Eric Shorey

Rumors about the eventual release date of the beleaguered Rihanna album ANTI have been circulating for a while now. Even we were fooled when RiRi teased of a surprise-drop before Thanksgiving. But has the day of reckoning finally come for Rihanna?

Not quite yet, but at least Our Lady Of MaRihanna has gifted us with one track off the new LP. The song's name is "Work" (can you hear the sounds of a thousand people YASSS'ing?) and is a collaboration with Drake. It is currently available to purchase on Tidal for $1.29, if you're into that kind of thing.

"Work" is pretty standard Rihanna fair: power vocals and a catchy hook over a vaguely Carribean beat, but without the bumping bass line of her party tracks. Drake's verse is pretty expected as well: smooth, sexy vocals that match the tone and cadence of Rihanna's crooning perfectly.

What this says about ANTI, we're not quite sure. Even though the album has been teased with various viral content for months now, some sources are reporting that the full album could drop sometime this week, although we've been tricked by that line before. From Billboard: "As the scheduled start of her world tour on Feb. 26 drew closer, there were concerns she might cancel or postpone the opening dates in order to stay in the studio and finish the album, or whether she would scrap the entire project and start over from scratch."

Adding to the confusion is how Rihanna will ultimately roll out the release, with her exclusivity with Jay Z's streaming service Tidal in question. Again, from Billboard: "One detail still to be revealed is how involved, if at all, Tidal will be in Anti's rollout. In November, rumors began to circulate that Anti would arrive exclusively on Tidal for its first week before being distributed wide to retail, which could have severely affected her first-week sales and kept her from debuting atop the Billboard 200 ... How she handles Spotify could also be of note, especially after recent high-profile albums like Adele's 25 and Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams were kept off the service either for the first week after release or withheld from streaming services entirely."

Anyway, you can check out the new song, below!:

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