Rihanna And Jay Z Are Being Sued Over A Scam Concert

Riri ain't showing up nowhere for only $425,000.

By Eric Shorey

Rihanna seems like a trustworthy lady, ya know? I feel like I could tell her secrets and she'd keep that ish locked up. So when stories started breaking about RiRi flaking on a concert in Nigeria, despite collecting a paycheck for the gig, everyone's bullsh*t detectors should have gone on high alert. And correctly so: turns out the whole thing was a big ol' scam!

Here's the deal: a concert promoter from Nigeria named Chris Ubosi claimed that Rihanna had skipped out on a performance for which he paid $425,000 to play for 65 minutes (red flag right there, Rihanna ain't that cheap). The deal was made with 2 dudes who claimed to represent Rihanna, Jay Z, and the label Roc Nation.

More specifically: Ubosi made three payments totalling $160K before these shadowy reps announced a postponement. Ubosi agreed to the new date as long as Rihanna shared the rescheduling info on her glorious social media accounts. That never happened -- so Ubosi cancelled the show outright but never got a penny of his coin back. To recollect his bills, Ubosi is now launching a suit against Jay, Ri, and Roc Nation.

Here's the catch though: Roc Nation never had anything to do with this concert from the start. Rihanna, Roc Nation nor anyone associated personally or professionally with either party was in contact with this person. Unfortunately this person was scammed. Rihanna nor Roc Nation collected any money for this event," said a(n actual) rep for the company in a statement to TMZ.

Woops! That old Rihanna-Nigeria bait-and-switch! We've all been there, right? No? 

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