Rihanna and Puma's New Sportswear Line Is A Health Goth Fantasy

And it's already almost all sold out.

By Eric Shorey

Rihanna and Puma have teamed up to create a line of fantasy sportswear that, in reality, would probably be rather difficult to play sports in. If you're going to a 90's anime inspired rave though: you're all set! Taking cues from up-and-coming designer labels like Hood By Air (which Rihanna sported at the VMAs), Japanese streetwear, and New York City club kid culture, the new line of clothing is already selling out.

Rihanna has been accused of mopping styles from underground artists like Venus X for a while now. The sartorial thievery seems pretty blatantly on display, with the outfits here clearly drawing from the looks of the legendary GHE20GOTH1K parties, which explored the urban health goth aesthetic long before that term was even coined. 

But that's how fashion works, right? Big names take ideas from the underground and sell them for a much higher price tag. And that's surely the case here, with the crop tops and jackets costing more than the average fashionista can afford.

While Rihanna continues to peddle her afro-futurist workout gear, some writers are beginning to explore the politics of what is now being called athleisure. "While the widespread popularity of 'athleisure' in American culture is a hellish development in the waning realm of individual personal style, it also coincides with a moment in which excessive exercise is seen as aspirational, adjacent to those $11 green juices," writes Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. "Athleisure is a smaller figment in the cultural trend towards performing fitness, which in itself is lifestyle marketing."

You can shop (what's left of) the Fenty X Puma line over here.

[Photos: Puma]


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