Rihanna Calls Out George Clooney In A Game Of Never Have I Ever

Riri ain't got time for that.

By Eric Shorey

Ellen Degeneres continues her plan for viral content domination with her latest video series in which she challenges prominent celebrities to play Never Have I Ever. This same trick brought up some interesting facts about Justin Bieber and Madonna awhile back and is now causing a rift between the unlikely duo of Rihanna and George Clooney. See: RiRi ain't got time for Clooney's lies.

The game gets off to a rocky start when the first question asked is about naked selfies. George immediately suggests he's never sent them and Rihanna ain't takin' that BS. Things get even rockier when Clooney claims he's never seen a naked rapper. Rihanna just ain't here for it!

Check out the video for yourself below:

Other fun tidbits: Rihanna inquiring as to whether "hooking up" means making out or going all the way, followed by George's obvious embarrassment about the proceedings.

While the game hardly amounts to a feud, wouldn't it be fun to see these two start throwing hands over this? 

You can also watch Ellen's full interview with Rihanna, below:

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