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Rihanna Posted A Pic Of Her Niece On Instagram And People Are Mad About It

A pic of Rih and her niece kissing has caused a lot of controversy on her Insta.

Rihanna has found herself at the center of controversy again, and this time it involves her niece.

Die-hard Rihanna fans knows that the singer is super close with her niece Majesty. She posts pics with her on social media all the time, and the adorable little girl has even made an appearance or two on Rihanna's Snapchat. Most recently, Rih posted a pic of herself sharing a kiss with her niece during bath time.


It's a sweet family snapshot, but it ended up causing considerable controversy in the comments section. Many felt it was inappropriate for Rihanna to post a pic of her niece without clothes, while others felt that anyone calling it inappropriate was reading too much into it.

"Listen," one person wrote. "If she took that classless pic and kept it for her own personal view that would have been better than to expose that naked baby on the internet where predators lurk daily!"

"Who tf bathes their niece naked?" another asked, while yet another chimed in with, "We need to call the police."

However, many felt that the uproar was unjustified.

"This is an innocent picture," another commenter wrote. "I myself wouldn't post this picture of my kids, but I have shown people pictures of my kids in the tub. As long as the mother of the girl doesn't mind then neither should anyone bc it's not their child. It's an innocent child in a bathtub."

"I think all this uproar about harmless peck on the mouth with your kids or siblings is pathetic," someone else chimed in. "Yes, I admit when they get older there is a stage where it isn't appropriate but people are just making a fuss over nothing!"

What do you think? Are people overreacting yet again to something that's perfectly normal?

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