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Rihanna Seems To Have Some Regrets About Losing Her Virginity

Same, girl. Same.

If you had a time machine, would you use it to get a do-over on losing your virginity? If your name is Rihanna, the answer is probably yes.

In Elle's October cover story, Riri answered a ton of questions from celebrity interviewers, including magician David Copperfield, who had a unique offer for the singer.

"I'm not kidding, this is a real offer: I can make you disappear and reappear anywhere in the world. Where do you want to go, and why?" Blaine asked.

Rihanna's answer was simple, if a tad tongue-in-cheek.

"Ten minutes before I lost my virginity...and I'm holding you to that offer. LOL," she responded. (Judging by this tweet, Copperfield's into the whole 'Rihanna time traveling' idea, too.)

Rihanna's keeping it 100, as always. The singer is celebrating the worldwide launch of her Fenty Beauty line this week; her products were even used to create all three of her Elle cover looks.

Check 'em out below.

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