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Is Rihanna Flirting With Lebron James?

Thirst trap or die-hard? You decide.

Is Rihanna looking for a new rude boy in Lebron James? The singer sent the basketball star a sexy message by tagging him in a bikini-clad photo on Instagram.

In the photo, Rihanna is laid out in an orange bikini with the number "23" written on her chest (in whip cream?), captioned with one word: "mood." Rihanna has been a devoted courtside fan of James for some time, but fans are salivating over the thought of a courtside romance.

Maybe she's just calling herself a "King," a nod to Lebron's nickname King James? Or, maybe the single singer is sending a not-so-subliminal message about wanting to hook up. It definitely would be a bold move, given the public marital status of the NBA star.


Be careful, Lebron. The married basketball player has been in hot water with social media before. Just last month, he was seen flirting with an Instagram model--and she had the alleged screenshots to prove it.

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