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Rihanna Wants You To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People On Instagram

"I hate the pressure that's being put on us by social media."

If there's one celebrity most people would associate with self-confidence, it's Rihanna. She's pretty much the living embodiment of "being yourself and not caring what other people think," and luckily for us, she's willing to share her secrets with the world.

In a new interview with InStyle, the Fenty Beauty creator opened up about how she's able to "go out and be Rihanna," even when she's not feeling it.

"I start by looking for my outfit, and even that can be like, 'Ugh, I gotta figure something out,'" she shared. "If I'm still not feeling it, I go to the mirror and get my beat together. Makeup is therapeutic for me. Once I start my glam — the makeup, the hair — I'm good. I'll play music, find the good light in the bathroom, and just have a great time. That's what gets me motivated."

Beauty routines can definitely be therapeutic, but even so, we live in a world where it seems like everyone has a picture-perfect Instagram life (not to mention body); how do you feel good about yourself when surrounded by social media "proof" that you don't measure up? As Rihanna went on to advise, just don't play that game.

"The biggest mistake you can make is to compare yourself with someone else," she explained. "I hate the pressure that's being put on us by social media. Young girls don't know which way to go; they're still figuring themselves out. And what we're teaching them through social media is this idea that you have to be perfect. I just reject that at every cost."

"I only know how to be me, and people thrive when they're who they're meant to be," she continued. "I can only try my best to encourage girls and women to respect their uniqueness and be 100 percent true to themselves."

Once again, Rihanna nails it. May we all one day learn to love and accept ourselves and make her proud.

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