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Rihanna's Designer Is Suing Kylie Jenner's Designer For Copying Her Custom Design

There's a serious battle brewing between the two fashion houses.

During her Costa Rican family vacay, Kylie Jenner has been slaying on Instagram. She's been posting pic after pic of head-turning looks, and one of her most popular looks so far has been a bright white fringe jumpsuit.

The only catch? The jumpsuit may look mighty familiar to fashion mavens, and that's because Rihanna wore almost the exact same one in a pea green color last year. Check it:

So did Kylie just buy the same one in a different color? Nah, it's way messier than that. Rihanna's look was made by L'Impasse Boutique, who claimed that it was designed specifically for Rihanna, while Kylie's jumpsuit was made by The Dolls House. L'Impasse is pissed, so much so that they're taking legal action against the Dolls House for stealing their design, Teen Vogue reports.

In a statement from L'Impasse, the fashion house stated, "L'Impasse has not granted [The Dolls House] the authority to commercially market their designs or given consent to make representations using L'Impasse trademark."

These two brands are basically at war, and have been taking shots at each other on their Instagram pages. Dolls House is sticking to their claim that they designed the jumpsuit first, writing in an Instagram comment, "Check our timeline, we designed this long before they customized our jumpsuit we sent to Rihanna's stylist Mel Ottenburg."

Rihanna's stylist weighed in too, telling Ent For Breakfast, "These unprofessional so called fashion bloggers refuse to give the proper credit to L’Impasse."

But wait! There's more. L'Impasse Boutique posted a video of Rihanna's jumpsuit in the beginning stages of construction almost 6 months ago, while The Dolls House posted a screenshot taken around the same time of an email from Rihanna's style team about possibly working together. The Dolls House also posted a photo of Rihanna in the green jumpsuit and took credit for the design.


SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH?! It looks like they're headed for a messy court battle, but for the time being, Kylie and Rihanna have been able to stay out of it.

[Photo: Instagram]

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