Rita Ora Stood Next To A Sign That Says "Side B*tch" Because She Loves Getting Buzzed

Here comes the swarm.

By Aimée Lutkin

Why is Rita Ora trying to attract this kind of negative attention?

I have no opinion on her style or music, but maybe that’s the reason why she's going for it. People don’t think about her enough, and negative attention is better than none when you’re a celebrity. Ora was accused of being the infamous “Becky with the good hair," also known as Jay Z’s mistress, after Beyoncé released an album that mentioned her marital troubles. Ora actually seems to be a big fan of Beyoncé, so she’s playing a deep game here. Truly, a woman with layers.

Slay Queen of the world. 🙌🏼

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No one knows what really went on between Rita Ora or Rachel Roy or any of the many women who have been named as potential Beckys. The thing is, once you’ve been marked as someone who messed with the Queen’s marriage, you’re marked for life. Shortly after Lemonade was released, Ora posted pictures of herself in a bra with lemons covering her nipples on Snapchat, and an Instagram photo of her wearing what appears to be a “J” necklace. (In actuality, the "J" is just a backwards, lowercase "r.")


Still, it's all damning evidence according to the Beyhive, who have been swarming her comments section with bee and lemon emojis ever since.

On Set....Milanoooooooo....❤️ #Cantwait2showUwhatweshootin

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Maybe the attention is wearing off, because Ora is up to her old tricks of sending vague messages about infidelity. She again Snapchatted herself with lightly covered nipples, this time standing next to graffiti that reads “side b*tch.” Okay, sure.


The emojis should be coming back in full force now. It’s actually a pretty cute form of revenge, but don’t tell the Beyhive I said that. Still, if Ora really was Jay Z’s “side b*tch,” this is sad. If she wasn’t, it’s also sad. I guess how you see this really depends on how much you love Rita Ora. For all we know, it wasn’t even on her mind. Perhaps she didn’t look behind her during this photoshoot, and the camera person was evil laughing to themselves the whole time.

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