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Rob Kardashian Is Reportedly Planning A Huge Comeback

He's ready to get his life back.

Is Rob Kardashian planning to turn over a new leaf, once and for all?

According to new reports, the Kardashian son is ready to make some positive changes in his life, and it's all because of his daughter, Dream. Sources close to Rob have talked before about his desire to be a better person for his daughter's sake, and it looks like losing weight and being healthy is all a part of it.

TMZ's sources revealed that Rob has already hired a nutritionist and has started working out, with the ultimate goal of becoming the "old Rob" again. Though he's had help from his family and friends in the past, this time around he's doing everything solo.

This isn't the first time Rob has tried to turn things around — he's attempted to lose weight before, most notably with the help of his then-girlfriend Blac Chyna, but his efforts never seemed to last too long. According to TMZ, Rob's family has their doubts about him pulling it off this time, especially since he's reportedly gained back the weight the lost and then some, but they're hoping that his love for Dream will push him to reach new heights.

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