Rob Kardashian Is Reportedly "Still Struggling With His Health"

Sources say the Kardashian son is in a "sad state" these days.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Someone might want to go and check on Rob Kardashian.

According to a source close to the KarJenner family, the 30-year-old new father is in a "sad state" following all the drama he got into with his ex Blac Chyna earlier this year. The only thing that's been able to take him out of his funk is Dream, the 1-year-old daughter he shares with his ex.

"He only cares about Dream and loves spending time with her, but that's about it," said People's source. "He doesn't seem excited about anything else."

As for his health and fitness? Despite earlier reports that Rob was planning a huge comeback that would involve taking control of his life, sources now claim that things are at a standstill, with the Arthur George sock designer "still struggling with his health."

"He isn't dating," continued the source. "He keeps himself isolated and mostly socializes with his family."

At least Rob doesn't seem to be heading toward any more drama with his ex. People's source explained that even though Chyna and Rob don't agree about money, things have been "pretty mellow" between them. Maybe Chyna's too busy with her new rap career (and possibly a new relationship with Playboi Carti?) to engage in any more fighting with Rob and his family. She did drop most of the KarJenners from her lawsuit, after all.

Could all that drama really be behind them for good? Whoever thought we'd see the day? It's not like the KarJenners really have a lot of time for fighting though, what with all the effort they've been putting into dodging baby bump rumors lately.

[Photo: Youtube]

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