Rob Kardashian Reportedly Apologized To His Family For Dating Blac Chyna

Sources say he's admitted that their relationship was a "terrible idea."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

After airing out all of his and Blac Chyna's dirty laundry on Instagram last week, Rob Kardashian seems to have come to his senses. According to recent reports, the reality TV star "regrets" his actions, and People reports that he's apologized to his famous family for not heeding their advice from the beginning.

"He did apologize. Finally!" said a source close to the fam, who reports that Rob even admitted that his relationship with Chyna —the woman who used to date his little sister's ex, just in case you forgot — was a "terrible idea."

"Rob is very stubborn," the source explained. "It took him forever to admit it was a terrible idea to get involved with Chyna. He is finally admitting it now and feels very bad. He especially feels bad about the latest drama and regrets it."

"He trusted Chyna and flipped out when he realized she was hooking up with other guys. He got overheated and it was a spontaneous reaction of of anger," the source continued. "This is not the person he wants to be."

The two supposedly called it quits for good this time around and are focusing on maintaining a healthy co-parenting environment for their 8-month-old daughter Dream.

"Rob wants to focus on spending time with Dream. He loves Dream and thinks she is the best," the source said. "It makes him very happy to spend time with her. He is a great dad. Rob has promised his family this will never happen again."

"He's made a difficult situation even worse," the source added. "At this stage, the primary concern is protecting Dream from all this nastiness."

This isn't the first time Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have gotten messy on social media. Who could forget their Christmas meltdown last year, or the cheating scandal that erupted back when Chyna was still pregnant and resulted in a criminal investigation? Let's just hope there aren't any more IG ranting sessions in either of their futures.

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