Rob Kardashian Said He Got Cheated On & His Ex Adrienne Bailon Had A Few Words

The man's got more than one ex.

By Aimée Lutkin

Rob Kardashian’s new show Chyna & Rob has revealed that he’s got a lot of hang-ups. He and Chyna fight, there’s a big dust up, then they reconcile after someone - usually, Rob - admits that they were feeling vulnerable. In one episode, it was Rob’s weight. In a recent one, it was the fact that one of his exes used to cheat on him a lot.

Most people would assume he is referring to Rita Ora, but if you’re also one of Rob’s exes, you might do a double-take over that one (because you know, blogs are watching). “Is he talking about ME?” That seems to have been Adrienne Bailon’s reaction, and she went on The Real to defend her honor.

Rob and Adrienne dated almost ten years ago, when Rob was 21. In the clip she says she never, ever cheated on him and she never would cheat on anybody because it hurts so bad when someone betrays you like that. Then one of her co-hosts clarify that the “someone” she’s referring to is Rob. Gasp!

What goes around, comes around, and then it becomes good TV.

[Photo: Instagram]


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